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Vidyā-Araṇyam is a unique school with a vision to reinstate the lost cultural and educational values blending it with the contemporary needs, futuristic view and ecological harmony. Vidyā-Araṇyam is an initiative under the Mahatma Gandhi Mission umbrella inspired by Guru Rabindranath Tagore's Shantiniketan School in Bengal that seeks to form a 'unique dwelling in the green for vidya'. Nestled around the hills and valleys in the picturesque campus at Gandheli (11 km from Aurangabad), the English and Marathi medium schools under Vidyā-Araṇyam are being nurtured by the Internationally renowned Arts organisation MAHAGAMI GURUKUL, Aurangabad.

GURUKUL Cottages, Lush Green Campus, Learning with Creativity, Focus on Indian Traditional Arts, Sports, Scientific outlook & Academics, Innovative Streams, Skill and Child Development are some of the salient features of Vidyā-Araṇyam. In addition to the regular academics and activities that every school offers, the vision of Vidyā-Araṇyam is to enable every child, every learner to progress not just in the education imparted, but also in the overall development of personality, creative expression and holistic learning. Providing wings to fly in free sky, to glide beyond smokey clouds of laborious learning methods and to emerge as empowered spirited learners is the philosophy at Vidyā-Araṇyam.

Under the leadership of Parwati Dutta (Director & Guru- MAHAGAMI), Vidyā-Araṇyam aspires to create a small world vibrant with cheerful moments, insightful experiences and profound learning. Specially designed learning material on Sanskrit, culture, history, nature and technology; lessons in music, dance and visual arts; and a rich collection of books, audio-visuals and games based on mathematics and science make the school stand with a unique identity.

Bus Facility is being provided to the students, teachers and staff. Next Academic session will begin in June 2019 for which Admission process for Pre-Primary and Primary (Class 1-8) in English and Marathi/Semi-English medium has begun.

We are also hiring well-qualified, enthusiastic and creative individuals for Vidyā-Araṇyam Team. Please write with supporting documents to


Vidyā-Araṇyam welcomes participation and contribution of volunteers, teachers, students, apprentices, artists, researchers and social workers. The duration of assignment / project / contribution can be mutually discussed and decided. Accommodation can be provided to out station contributors.

We invite Applications from enthusiastic, qualified, capable and innovative teachers for various subjects ranging from languages, social studies, history, geography to science and mathematics.

Talented and creative artists: musicians, instrumentalists, dancers, theatre artists, visual artists etc are welcome to apply to work with the schools on a long-term or short-term basis. Salary negotiable.

Applications and proposals may be sent to

Vidyā Nidhi विद्या निधि

‘Vidyā Nidhi’ meaning ‘treasure of knowledge’ is an initiative of Vidyā-Araṇyam to form a collective of knowledge streams: ancient, contemporary; oral, written; performed, practiced; researched, realised; and reviewed, revisited.

The school seeks contributions from the learned scholars, innovators, practitioners, mentors, social activists, care givers, traditionalists and environmentalists in the form of written texts/ scripts, oral information, performative practices, demonstrations, insights or guidelines.

Valuable information ranging from traditional games, lifestyle, food, farming to art forms, narratives, languages, dialects to scientific research, environmental consciousness, mathematical concepts, biodiversity to history, culture, heritage and civilisation is being documented and compiled for not just the students of the school, but for our future generations; the aim being preservation, dissemination and furtherance of the Knowledge-treasure.